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J.R. Smith Beats Up “One of These Little MFin White Boys” After Catching Him Vandalizing His Car During L.A. Protests

Video footage surfaced showing NBA star J.R. Smith beating the crap out of a man who allegedly smashed his car window Saturday (May 31) in Los Angeles during the city-wide demonstrations protesting police brutality after the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota cops.

Is J.R. Smith a Pioneer in Starting a New Trend of Nude Paternity Photo Shoots?

Out of nowhere, a nude photo of J.R. Smith and his daughter, Denver, in the shower showed up on our timelines. What do we do now that our eyes can't unsee what they've seen?

J.R. Smith’s 2018 NBA Finals Game 1 Goof Inspired Tons of Hilarious Memes

When you f**k up your team's chances of winning the first NBA Finals matchup, you can expect to become the butt of endless jokes and the subject of countless memes all over the Internet. We're talking about you, J.R. Smith!

J.R. Smith and Missing Shirt Finally Reunited

In a post-finals celebration in Vegas, J.R. Smith apparently lost his shirt. At some point in the night, the shirt came off and J.R....

LeBron James Becomes Santa Clause, Gifts Teammates with Apple Watches

Christmas came early for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and LeBron James is basically Santa Clause right now. While the two-time NBA champion is working hard at...

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