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DIS TEW MURCH: Someone Has Leaked a Maia Campbell Sextape!

Just when you thought the Maia Campbell situation couldn't get any sadder... Someone has leaked a sextape featuring a woman who is believed to be Maia Campbell and a mystery man!

Maia Campbell Leaves Atlanta Area Rehab Facility After Being Checked in for Mental Evaluation

The former "In the House" actress was supposedly checked into a Dekalb County, Georgia rehab facility, but was said to have left within 24 hours, further refusing the help that people are trying to give her.

WATCH: Maia Campbell Says She Does NOT Need LL Cool J’s Help

"I just need a benefit concert for mental health ... Don't call me, I'll call you!"

LL Cool J Is Looking for Maia Campbell After Seeing Video of Her Begging for Crack in Atlanta

The Maia Campbell video showing her looking strung out and begging for crack in Atlanta has caught the attention of her former "In the House" co-star LL Cool J.

WATCH: Rapper Who Posted Video of Maia Campbell Begging for Crack in Atlanta Responds to Backlash

The man who shared that video of "In the House" actress Maia Campbell at a gas station in Atlanta begging for crack has spoken out about the incident.

Fix It, Jesus! Maia Campbell Spotted in Atlanta Toothless, Strung Out and Begging for Crack

The "In the House" actress was spotted at a gas station in East Atlanta looking disheveled and apparently strung out on drugs and begging for "some crack."

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