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R. Kelly Arrested on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges Involving Child Porn

R. Kelly has been arrested on federal sex crime charges, two law enforcement sources confirmed Thursday night (Jul. 11).

The Feds Watching: Man Who Went Viral For Buying $540 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies Arrested in Federal Drug Bust

A man whose random act of kindness went viral has been arrested in a federal drug bust.

Philly Rapper AR-AB Indicted on Federal Drug Charges, Could Face Life Prison Sentence

The feds have Philadelphia rapper AR-AB and his OBH movement in their crosshairs, and they could be headed to prison for a very long time.

Gay Atlanta Beating Victim Speaks Out, Says Scars “Run Deeper Than Anyone Will Know” [VIDEO]

The Atlanta man who was the victim of a brutal anti-gay attack caught on tape has spoken out publicly about the incident, telling reporters...

Viral Video of Atlanta Gang Members Attacking Gay Teen Sparks Federal Investigation

A federal investigation has been launched after video footage showing a group of Atlanta gang members brutally beating a gay Atlanta teenager went viral...

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