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Grandma Goes Missing With 16-Month-Old Grandson, Takes Him With Her to Buy & Use Crack Cocaine

Police in Greenville, South Carolina said that a grandmother who was believed to have gone missing with her 16-month-old grandson was arrested after they found out she took the baby with her to buy and use crack cocaine.

Lamar Odom is Back on Crack

So it appears Lamar Odom didn't learn a damn thing from his near death experience last year when he overdosed at a Nevada brothel. According to...

Videos Show Charlie Sheen Sucking D*ck, Smoking Crack and Having Sex With Men

Things just continue to get worse for Charlie Sheen. Since revealing to the world he has HIV, the former "Two and a Half Men" star...

Jay Z Called Former Crack Dealer in New York Post Headline

After meeting with New York governor Andrew Cuomo, Brooklyn rapper Jay Z was referred to as a former drug dealer in headlines from the...

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Calls Crack-Smoking Allegations “Ridiculous”

As you have probably heard by now, Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, was recently captured on video smoking crack cocaine, and the shocking...

Video Shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack, Gawker Wants to Buy It

I'm not that deep into politics, so before now, I've never heard of this Rob Ford guy, who is the mayor of Toronto, but...

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