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Billy Dee Williams Comes Out As Gender Fluid: “I Also See Myself As Feminine As Well As Masculine”

Billy Dee Williams—best known for playing Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars franchise and also the man your grandmas and aunties fawned over back in the 80's and 90's—is opening up about his gender identity.

“I Am Gay”: Lil Nas X Clarifies His LGBTQ Identity After Initially Hinting He Was on the Rainbow Spectrum

When Lil Nas X said he had revealed something about himself on Twitter, he left his fans in the dark about the specifics. In a new interview with BBC, however, he pinned the tail on the donkey and plainly stated his truth.

Did Lil Nas X Come Out of the Closet For Real or Is He Just Trolling Us?

The young man behind the massive hit "Old Town Road" seemingly stepped out of the closet, but was it a genuine move toward being his authentic self or a brazen stunt to rack up streams?

Michael Sam, College Football Player & NFL Prospect, Comes Out As An “Openly Gay Man”

2014 NFL draft prospect Michael Sam -- who right now plays college football for the University of Missouri -- came out as an "openly...

“Prison Break” Star Wentworth Miller Comes Out, Breaks Silence in Support of Russian Gays

It's not exactly the cover of People, but former "Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller just came out as a gay man in a really...

WWE Superstar Darren Young Comes Out: “I’m Gay, and VERY Happy”

WWE superstar Darren Young made major headlines today after coming out of the closet as a gay man during an impromptu interview with TMZ. Young...

Raven-Symoné Says She Isn’t Getting Married Anytime Soon, But “It’s Great to Know I Can”

I'm not sure why this needed explaining, but Raven-Symoné is not getting married in the immediate future. Though her tweet expressed happiness over the...

Raven-Symoné May Have Come Out as a Lesbian via Twitter

When the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned this past June, many celebs expressed their joy via Twitter. And while Kristen Bell's proposal to...

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