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WATCH: Viral Video Shows Cheerleader Giving “Bully” a Well-Deserved Beat Down

Video footage showing the moment high school cheerleader Savannah Sprague beat down a "bully" who challenged her to a fight and then sucker-punched her has gone viral on the internet.

Kayden Culp: Some Things to Know About Special Needs Boy Set on Fire by Bullies He Thought Were His Friends

A 10-year-old special needs boy from Kerrville, Texas is in critical condition after a group of bullies he thought were his friends lured him to a shack, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire Sunday (Oct. 2).

Lawsuit Claims School Ignored White Boys Dragging Black Girl by Rope Around Her Neck

A predominantly White private school in Waco, Texas is being sued by the parents of a 12-year-old Black girl, who suffered brutal injuries during...

Ricky Martin: I Used to Bully Gay People Because I Was Angry

Since coming out of the closet in 2010, Ricky Martin has joined several openly gay celebs in becoming a symbol for equality. So many...

Oh, OK, Girl: Tia Mowry Says She Was Bullied Over Veganism

Tia Mowry is the latest celebrity to take part in a PETA campaign. This time the theme is "Let Veganism Grow on You." Most...

D-Bag of the Week: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Harasses Amanda Knox About “Freaky Sex Stuff”

Amanda Knox has been repeatedly vilified by the media because she was (gasp!) sexually active. The press, especially the Italian press, just couldn't grasp...

Middle School Student Bullied by Teachers After Writing Essay Comparing School to Slavery

A 13-year-old middle school student was forced to transfer schools after she was endlessly harassed by teachers after she wrote an award-winning essay that...

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