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VIDEO: Ex-NFL Player Desmond Marrow Choked & Slammed to the Ground by Police During Arrest

Video footage showing former college and pro football player Desmond Marrow being slammed to the ground onto his face in a parking lot while being arrested by Georgia police officers has gone viral on social media.

T.I. Reprimands His “Friend” Lil’ Wayne Over Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I., who swears he is very cool with Lil' Wayne, called his "friend" out on social media after footage of Wayne dismissing and disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement hit the web.

Michael Jordan Finally Speaks Out on Race Issues in America in the Best Way Possible

When discussing the most influential athletes of our generation, without fail, Michael Jordan comes in high on that list. Arguably the greatest basketball player...

Tommie of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Claims to Be Victim of Police Brutality

While she's been busy in front of the cameras on VH1's hit reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season, Tommie was unexpectedly...

Keke Palmer Called Out By Black Twitter for Supporting “All Lives Matter” Statement

The recent police shootings Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have brought out some emotional and heartfelt messages from many celebrities. However, the "All Lives...

Study: How #BlackLivesMatter Blew Up on Twitter

Black Lives Matter is now considered a major political force, but can you believe that it hasn't even been two years since the protest...

#WhereWasBLM: Where Was Black Lives Matter When This Stuff Happened?

In response to a writer slamming #BlackLivesMatter activists for failing to mention the murder of a black child, the satirical hashtag #WherewasBLM was born.

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