Over the weekend, a writer who goes by the pseudonym Sister Toldjah took to Twitter to share an opinion article she wrote criticizing #BlackLivesMatter leaders and the movement in general for not responding to the murder of a 6-year-old boy named King Carter who was shot in killed in Miami.

In response to her piece, Black Twitter clapped back with the hashtag #WhereWasBLM, satirically highlighting the idiocy of Sister Toldjah’s opinion that “black-on-black crime” is a regular occurrence and #BlackLivesMatter leaders really don’t care about black lives because they fail to focus on every single incidence of violence that happens in the community.

Before #WhereWasBLM became a thing, Twitter user  (who birthed the hilarious hashtag) called out the foolishness of Sister Toldjah’s opinion piece in a series of tweets:

And from there, other Twitterers quickly caught on and joined the party:

It looks like #BlackLivesMatter has missed numerous incidents of “black-on-black violence” and they have some serious catching up to do, as most of these incidents happened in the 80’s/90’s and early 2000’s.


h/t: Clutch, Twitter

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