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Texas Teacher Denies Molesting Little Black Girl on Account of Her Being a Racist

Well this is an interesting dilemma: Is it worse to be considered a child molester or a racist? One Texas teacher opted to out...

Kindergarten Teacher Fired After Tricking Students Into Tasting Her Blood

A kindergarten teacher from Oslo, Norway lost her job recently after she tricked her students in tasting her blood. According to a report from Reuters,...

Female Gym Teacher (Who Looks Like A Dude) Accused of Sexual Misconduct with 12-Year-Old Girl

In an odd, but not totally surprising, twist to those stories where teachers are caught having inappropriate relationships with students ... a female gym...

Colorado High School Teacher Suspended After Posting Nude Pics, Calling Students “Jailbait” and Talking About Weed on Twitter

A 23-year-old, first year, high school teacher has been put on an administrative leave after provocative pictures and talk of drug use appeared on...

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