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South Carolina Man Walks Into Crowded Applebee’s & Shoots Baby Mama After Heated Argument

A South Carolina man is facing very serious charges, including attempted murder, after he allegedly tried to kill his baby mama in the middle of a crowded Applebee's restaurant.

Man Burned While Praying Over Sizzling Steak Fajitas Can’t Sue Applebee’s

A New Jersey court has ruled that a man who burned himself while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling steak fajita skillet...

Applebee’s Fires Waitress for Posting Pastor’s “I Give God 10%” Tip Receipt on Reddit

Note to waitresses seeking vengeance via the internet: keep quiet if you want to keep your job. That's the lesson an Applebee's waitress learned the...

Man Takes Girl Out on Date at Applebee’s While His Friend Robs Her House

Police in Coral Springs, FL say they arrested a man who allegedly took a young woman out to lunch at Applebee's while his friend...

Applebee’s Makes Changes to Drink Policies After Toddler is Accidentally Served Alcohol

Applebee's is making changes to the way they distribute alcohol after a toddler was accidentally given some at a Detroit area location. Starting this...

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