Video footage showing Brother Nature getting beat up at a Miami restaurant has gone viral, and now everyone wants to know the man behind the kicks and punches seen in the footage.

Fortunately, it wasn’t hard to find Brother Nature’s attacker … because as it turns out, he’s actually the person who actually first shared the video on Twitter.

The clout-chaser goes by the name “Phat Dabb” on Twitter (@phatdabb_gmn) and while he’s since deleted the videos he originally shared showing him assaulting Brother Nature, he left one up in which he’s responding to someone else’s tweet about the assault, writing: “He should learn how to speak to [people].”

In the video, Phat Dabb can be heard saying to Brother Nature: “Don’t nobody know you bro.”

He also bragged about the attack itself in a since-deleted tweet saying “I just beat the dog sh*t outta brother nature in la Sandwicherie”

And the latest tweet posted on his profile is a Retweet of a friend saying “This n***a dabs beat up brother nature [crying emojis].”

A bystander in the restaurant gave their account of what happened, saying that Brother Nature was trying to order his food over the shoulder of Phat Dabb, who they described as a “lean plug,” and apparently that sparked an altercation between the two.

“Bro there was a lean plug just chilling banged up with his boys there and brother nature came and started to order food but he literally ordered over dudes shoulder while he was eating. Buddy got hot and that’s it they bumped.. It sucks cause dude is a cool guy but you can’t fuck with Miami plugs out here you gotta respect the streets.”

A deep dive into Phat Dabb’s social media feeds confirms the bystander’s description of the guy being a “lean plug,” as there are dozens of photos/videos on his accounts of him drinking lean and showing off his profits.

He also recently tweeted: “It’s already been a damn good month I’ve moved like 20 thangs.”

In another tweet posted early Saturday morning (Dec. 7), he said: “Lil Wayne just told me my cup muddier than a Mf inside liv….. I can die in peace now.”

FYI: “Lean” (also known as “Purple Drank” or “Sizzurp”) is a recreational drug created by combining prescription-strength cough syrup with a soft drink and hard candy like Jolly Ranchers. Saying someone has a “muddy” cup means there’s more syrup than soda.

Other posts on Phat Dabb’s Twitter page show him flaunting his massive collection of recreational weed.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Phat Dabb uses the n-word a LOT more than he should, considering the fact that he is, you know, NOT Black.

If you listen closely to the video of him attacking Brother Nature, he calls the social media personality a “bitch a** n**ga” after he throws a drink in his face as he’s sitting on the ground after the assault.

Phat Dabb also throws the n-word around on Twitter like it’s nothing.

A number of Twitter users who have seen the footage of Phat Dabb assaulting Brother Nature are calling for Phat Dabb to be identified and arrested.

Some are even going as far as @ing Miami police and the FBI in his mentions.

Miami Police Department officials told TMZ their officers responded to a call around 5:45 a.m. for a disturbance at the la Sandwicherie restaurant where the attack happened, but no one was arrested because everyone involved had already left the scene.

Meanwhile, Brother Nature appears to be doing just fine.

He posted a video on Instagram Saturday afternoon (Dec. 7) of him listening to music and smiling at the camera as he ices his swollen lip. He captioned the clip with a smiling blushing face emoji.


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