Ayesha Curry has riled up the internet once again after making a comment about her marriage.

Ayesha recently appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk Facebook Watch series and opened up about her relationship with Steph Curry.

After addressing the topic of women basically throwing themselves at her NBA superstar husband (sometimes even in front of her), Curry revealed that she’s bothered by the fact that she doesn’t get the same treatment from other men.

“Something that really bothers me, and honestly has given me a sense of a little bit of an insecurity, is the fact that yeah, there are all these women, like, throwing themselves (at him), but me, like the past 10 years, I don’t have any of that,” she said. “I have zero – this sounds weird – but, like, male attention, and so then I begin to internalize it, and I’m like, ‘Is something wrong with me?'”

Smith admitted to Curry that she “dealt with that for years, too” when she was younger.

“I don’t want it,” Curry added, “but it’d be nice to know that, like, someone’s lookin’.”

“You’re beautiful,” Smith reminded her guest. “Don’t ever think for one minute that it ain’t no some men out there looking at you like, ‘I wish.’ And I’ma tell you who knows that more than anybody: Your husband.”

Of course, Twitter had strong opinions about Curry’s remarks, with most posting memes and jokes making fun of her for being insecure about not receiving attention from other men, and others basically asking “what if a man said this?”

Not everyone on Twitter was against Ayesha though. Some came to her defense, saying she has a right to feel the way she feels

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