It’s 2019 and (some) white people still don’t understand that food needs to be seasoned. ESPECIALLY CHICKEN.

Case in point:

28-year-old Cori Healey of Baltimore, MD posted the above photo on Twitter, and it instantly went viral … for very obvious reasons.

“The questionable cutlets belong to Cori’s boyfriend’s roommate, Steve,” BuzzFeed reported.

In case you’re unaware, THIS is what properly seasoned baked chicken is supposed to look like:

“I am DISTRAUGHT,” Healey said in a follow-up tweet. “Pray for him.”

“We were all cooking food in the kitchen and I opened the oven to check on food on the top rack and then saw the chicken,” Cori explained to BuzzFeed.

“I immediately grabbed my phone, took a picture, looked at my boyfriend and said ‘want to see a viral tweet?’ knowing Twitter would have a FIELD DAY with these unseasoned cutlets.”

And, as Cori astutely predicted, Twitter had one helluva field day:

According to BuzzFeed, Cori kinda sorta confirmed our suspicions, clarifying that “he’s half white, so people are half right there.”

She also tweeted that the media attention that she’s getting is “out of control.”

But she did enjoy the fact that a local CBS news station didn’t censor her vulgar Twitter handle.

Anyhow… Hopefully, her boyfriend’s roommate has learned his lesson and in the future will treat chicken with the respect that it deserves.