Here we go again: Another white person has called the police on a person of color for simply existing. When will it ever end?

This past weekend, the hashtag #ParkingLotBarbara became a trending topic on Twitter after a video went viral showing a white woman in California calling the police on a mother, who just so happened to be Hispanic, for (GASP!) sitting in her own car with her own baby.

The woman said she was concerned because the child wasn’t properly shielded from the sun’s rays.

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More via Yahoo! Lifestyle:

The footage starts with the woman admonishing the mother, “Because you told me it was ‘None of your business that your child is in pain,’” as she held a cellphone to her ear.

“She’s not in pain — she’s sleeping in her car seat,” replied the mother. “What are you doing? Tell everyone what you’re doing.”

The woman spoke into the phone, “I have this child here in this car at the PetSmart parking lot and the sun is kind of beating right at the baby’s face in the back seat. She’s still in a little car seat, I don’t know how old she is.”

“In the car with her!” insisted the mother. The woman answered, “No, you’re not, you’re out here yelling at me.”

The mother’s husband then emerged. “She says Elsie is in pain … because she’s sleeping in the sun…” said his partner.

The woman continued her call, “Now she’s outside yelling at me. She wasn’t in the car.” When she spotted the husband, the woman placed the call on hold and the mom exclaimed, “Oh, because he’s white? Because he’s white, it’s OK because he’s here now?”

“Because he’s acting sane — you’re screaming at me,” said the woman, adding that she hadn’t seen an adult present. Then she turned to the mother — who pointed out that she did see her — and scolded her, “One of us at a time.” The woman also told the mom, “It is my business when I mistakenly think the child is in distress.”

The husband then asked the woman to admit her mistake, and she replied, “Yes, I can see that she’s OK now.” She also insisted that she didn’t realize the baby’s father was white, due to his baseball hat and beard.

Twitter, for the most part, called the woman out for being a racist POS and escalating a clearly innocent situation, but there were some far less sane folks arguing that she had good intentions and was simply confused.

Le sigh… Can we all just agree that wypipo calling the po-po on POCs is becoming an old and tired trope at this point?

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