We’ve seen this kind of thing before. An image pops up on the internet, and suddenly, everyone is left scratching their heads. Is that Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Really, what color is the dress? And exactly how many black dots are there?

Well, here’s another one for you. Where in the hell are this girl’s legs?


The picture features six girls, but only five pairs of legs. Go ahead, look again. Yep, six and five. Something isn’t adding up here.

I’ll admit, this one stumped me for quite some time. The picture clearly isn’t adding up. But luckily, the sleuths at Deadspin have cracked the case. It turns out, both the girls on the left have black pants on which blend in together, causing the confusion.

legs 2 legs 3

Hopefully this is the last one of these for 2016, because my brain can’t handle the confusion anymore.

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