Anyone Who Says They Can See All 12 Black Dots in This Image Is a Liar

Optical illusions can have a way of messing with a person’s mind, and understandably so. A good illusion basically proves that what you see isn’t always the truth, and sometimes you are unable to see what is really there. So much for seeing is believing.

We all remember the dress fiasco last year, well, now there’s another optical illusion making the rounds on the internet:

There are 12 black dots in this image, but I’m betting you can’t see all 12 at once. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault — it’s science.

You are looking at Ninio’s extinction illusion, which takes advantage of lateral inhibition in the retina. Basically, the stimulated light receptors in your eye can sometimes mess with the ones adjacent to them, making you see things that aren’t there, or not see things that are there.

(Note: If you try to look hard enough to see all 12 dots, you’ll probably end up with a nice little headache. And anyone who tells you they can see ALL 12 at the same time is probably definitely most certainly trolling you and should not be trusted.)

I used to think I had good eyes, but apparently not. I can only see three, maybe four at a time. What about you?

  • Ford Truck

    I think I can see 4 at a time, but with the very slightest movement of my eyes I loose 1.

  • RR Racy

    I can’t see all 12 at once. I can see 2 at a time. If I move my point of sight, I lose one on one side or the other and pick up a new one. I can scan each row, count them as I go, and see when there are no black dots on a row at all, so, I found and counted all 12–2 at a time.

  • Ronald Senior

    I can see all 12 by closing one eye!

  • Imnotchuck Norris

    Yes.. you can see all twelve dots! How is this possible? You have to look at it the same way you would those 3D pictures that have the hidden image. You have to cross your eyes just a bit. When i do this all of the dots become visible.

  • Installaholic

    You have to move your eyes to see the dots. You can see all twelve just not at once. I have tried 10 people form the office so far and not one can see all 12 “Simultaneously”

  • Lee Sands

    If you change the angle of the image you can see all 12.