An off-duty Kentucky cop ran into the scare of a lifetime when he accidentally shot himself in the stomach while on a parking garage elevator in Cincinnati, OH, and the video has gone viral online.

Surveillance footage shows Officer Darryl Jouett and his wife getting on the elevator after leaving dinner on Monday, January 5th.

Seconds later the off-duty cop reaches for his gun in his pocket, but ends up shooting himself while trying to holster the weapon. The cop then falls to the floor in a slumped position before struggling out of the elevator.

Joueet was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. He was released on Monday and will spend the rest of his recovery at home.

He’s reportedly been instructed to not speak with reporters about the incident, however Cincinnati Capt. Michael John gave some insight into what happened.

“He was transitioning the holster and transitioning the gun out of his holster. He was going to carry it in his hand as they walked to the car,” John told WLWT. “As he was pulling the gun from the holster, a round discharged, ricocheted in the elevator, struck him in the stomach.”

“It’s very unusual. Obviously you have somebody that’s used to handling firearms,” John told WCPO. “It’s very unusual to see somebody discharge a firearm, accidentally, in a confined space like that. It’s very unusual.”

Jouett has more than 25 years of experience in the police department. Sh*t happens … but he definitely should know better.

h/t: Huffpo Crime

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