Angie Gress, the daughter of Ariel Castro, who kidnapped and held captive three young women, says she has severed ties with her father.

“He is dead to me,” Gress said of Castro, who reportedly beat and raped the girls, in an interview with CNN.

She also added that she knew nothing of the shocking activity that was taking place in her childhood home.

“There will be no visits; there will be no phone calls,” she said. “He can never be Daddy again. I have no sympathy for the man.”

“I wonder this whole time, how he could be so good to us, but he took young women, little girls, someone else’s babies, away from these families and over the years never felt enough guilt to just give up and let them free.”

Gregg added that she “feels so much sorrow” for the girls.

All three women disappeared around the same time in roughly the same location in Southwest, Cleveland about ten years ago.

In 2002, Michelle Knight, 20, became the first young woman to be captured. The following year, Amanda Berry was abducted at the age of 17. In 2004, Georgina DeJesus was kidnapped at just 14-years-old.

Remarkably, the house were they were kept was barely three miles from where they went missing. However, the house had been so quiet that some believed no one lived there.

Though a few neighbors have now spoken about strange occurrences in the house — like a little girl peering from an upstairs window, and sealed up windows — few inquires as to what was going on in the house were made.

It has been disputed whether or not police adequately investigated calls regarding the mysterious house.

Berry gave birth to Castro’s daughter six years ago.

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