President Barack Obama was officially sworn in to his second consecutive term over the weekend, which is pretty big news. But perhaps the biggest thing to happen this past weekend was First Lady Michelle Obama‘s much-talked-about new haircut, which President Obama himself called the “most significant” event of this weekend.

During a speech Sunday (Jan 20) at the National Building Museum following his official swearing in ceremony at the White House — ahead of today’s big inauguration — the President briefly addressed his wife’s new bangs.

“Now first of all. I love Michelle Obama,” he said, “And to address the most significant event of this weekend: I love her bangs. She looks good. She always looks good.”

Even Brian Williams talked about how the First Lady’s bangs have been the weekend’s biggest topic of discussion on the “Today” show:

There has been, to be perfectly honest, as much talk about her new haircut on her 49th bday this past week as any other aspect of this Inauguration. Whenever two or more people are gathered in this city… it happens everywhere you go, the conversation eventually comes to, ‘What do you think of the bangs?’ What else are we gonna talk about?


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