The only thing that should be collecting in the attic of anyone’s home is dust. But when one woman sent her nephew and older sons upstairs to investigate strange noises coming from the attic, they found more than what they bargained for.

They found the South Carolina woman’s ex-boyfriend actually living in the attic.

He apparently snuck in to the house at some point, unbeknownst to the kids and the homeowner. There was no sign of forced entry so he could’ve made his way through an unlocked door or window.

Either way, once he got in to the house he made himself quite comfortable.

When the boys went back up to the attic to investigate the living conditions, they found small cups of urine and feces. He’d been using them as makeshift bathrooms.

We don’t even want to speculate on what he might have used as toilet paper.

WCNC has the video report below:

According to the report, this isn’t the woman’s first run-in with her ex — who she broke up with “years ago” — as he was recently released from prison for charges related to his theft of her car. This is clearly one big rodent that this woman needs to eradicate from her life for good.

You do have to wonder what attracted her to him in the first place though. Cause a man that is comfortable with pissing and shitting in styrofoam cups has to have shown his crazy side a long time ago.

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