Bill Clinton, the last Democratic president to serve in the White House before President Obama, reached back and gave a helping hand to the sitting president with a full-throated endorsement of the president for a second term Wednesday night (Sep 5) at the Democratic National Convention.

But before he really got rolling with his talking points, Bill Clinton bluntly said that Barack Obama is lucky to call Michelle Obama his wife after her speech at the DNC  on Tuesday.

“After last night, I want a man [for the presidency] who had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama,” Bill said.

At that point, the entire convention stood up in wild applause as they paid homage to the First Lady, who took it all in with humility and grace.

Stay winning, Michelle.

After lauding Michelle, Bill Clinton praised Obama for appointing people who supported his wife, Hillary, for president back in 2008.

“He even appointed Hillary!” Clinton joked.

But when he got down to serious business, Bill Clinton proved that he’s still a political pitbull.

His attacks on Mitt Romney and the Republican hit several key points.

1.) No president alive has faced the challenges that President Obama did when he came into office. And none could have fixed ALL the damage done in four years.

2.) Obama has done far more than Mitt Romney and Congressional Republicans to create jobs. Obama saved 4 and a half million jobs with his recovery plan, Congressional Republicans have created 0.

3.) Obamacare, as Republicans dismissively refer to Obama’s healthcare overhaul, is good for America because it makes healthcare fairer for all.

He didn’t hold back on the Republican mission to make President Obama a one-term president either, saying, “Their number one priority was not to put America back to work, but to put President Obama out of work.”

Billy boy, thank you for spreading the good word. Your hood pass is renewed. All transgressions from the primaries in 2008 are forgiven.

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