In what sounds like a scene straight out of one of those ridiculous zombie movies, a naked man was shot to death by Miami police over the weekend … while the guy was chewing another man’s face off. Unsurprisingly, police believe cocaine may have been involved.

According to confirmed reports from several media outlets, a police officer responding to reports of gunfire Saturday afternoon (May 26) found two men fighting — one of whom was naked, and literally chewing the face of the second man on a highway exit ramp, alongside the parking garage of The Miami Herald.

The officer then ordered the naked, cannibalistic man to back away, but he continued to chew the man’s face, so the officer shot him.

Despite him being shot, the naked cannibal continued to “eat” the victim’s face, so the officer shot him six more times, killing him instantly.

The other man wasn’t hit, but according to a CBS affiliate news station, police sources said the victim was unrecognizable and had “virtually no face” after the naked man had eaten it halfway off.

The second man was transported to a trauma center, and is said to have suffered critical injuries (obviously).

Miami police aren’t releasing any details about the incident, but investigators believe that the victim may have been homeless and laying down when the crazy naked man pounced on him and started chewing on his face.

Police also have a theory that the naked man was suffering from “cocaine psychosis,” which explains why he was naked … though there are no details that explain why he chewed half of the homeless man’s face off.

Watch the video report below:


Happy Memorial Day! (Hope this didn’t freak you out too much)

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