Sophia Stockton — a Kansas City-area college student — ordered a used textbook about terrorism for one of her classes from Amazon, which is probably something lots of college students do. Pretty normal, right?


Stockton says as she was flipping through the pages of the book, a clear plastic bag with a mysterious white powdery substance fell out.

So she took the book and the bag to a nearby police station, where they discovered exactly what that “substance” was.

“I told them white powder was in my terrorism textbook and so I put it on the table and they’re like, ‘oh, okay,’ And so he went back and tested it,” Stockton recalls. “ He comes back and says, ‘you didn’t happen to order some cocaine with your textbook, did you?’ And I was like, no!”

Police officials didn’t report the incident to Amazon, but Stockton did reach out to the shopping website, though she doesn’t believe they are to blame, and will most likely continue to purchase from them in the future.

“I have ordered many times from Amazon and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this,” Stockton told a local newspaper. “I don’t think that Amazon is at fault in this case. They can’t check every book that goes through their warehouse. I’m guessing that it (the cocaine) was just left in there by the previous owner of the book.”

Police believe there may have been up to $400 worth of cocaine in the bag, and investigators are currently trying to figure out where it may have come from.

We bet whoever that bag of coke belongs to will be pissed to find out they left it in an old book they sold to Amazon!


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