Selling Drugs for Dummies:

The next time you’re in court for drug charges……it might not be the smartest idea to wear a shirt that gives instructions on how to cook crack cocaine. (It might not help your case that much!)

A man facing drug trafficking charges made a strong first impression at his court appearance in Broward County when he showed up wearing a “crack shirt.”

The man’s shirt included instructions for making crack cocaine.

Michael Weinstein, the attorney who took a picture of the shirt, said, “I realized the gentleman who was up at the podium in front of a judge charged with trafficking is wearing a jacket with a how-to manual of how to cook crack cocaine. I couldn’t believe the gumption this person had.”

The defendant has not yet been identified.

Weinstein told Local 10 the judge at the court appearance remained professional and did not comment on the man’s choice of clothing.


This dude has to be one of the dumbest people in the world. He might as well brought the drugs to court with him!

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