In celebration of their 100-year anniversary, The Girl Scouts have released a brand new cookie called “Savannah Smiles.”

The brand new powder sugar-covered, lemon-flavored cookie’s name is a nod to Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low, who started the world famous organization in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia.

The Savannah Smiles cookies are supposed to a healthier option, in comparison to the dozens of other GSC flavors, and are described this way by Little Brown Bakers (the company manufacturing the cookie):

This lemon wedge cookie is cool and crisp, with just the right number of lemon chips to deliver tiny bursts of flavor. And, when you hold it right, you’ll quickly be reminded of that world-famous “Brownie Smile.”

According to WebMD:

Savannah Smiles actually have a relatively low fat and calorie content for the serving size, compared with other Girl Scout cookies (they are a bit higher in sodium, however).

Girl Scouts began taking orders for their new cookie flavor on Saturday (Jan 6) but the cookies don’t officially arrive until February.

What are your thoughts on the new “Savannah Smiles” Girl Scouts cookie?

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