One of these friendly looking guys who once worked for Walmart … is not really a guy. Can you guess which one it is?

If you guessed the one on the left, then you’re right! If you guessed the one on the right, then you’re just stupid. And blind. (Okay that was pretty harsh but c’mon, the one on the left totally looks like a girl trying to be a boy!)

Anyway, these two now former Walmart employees are accused of stealing $45,000 from the store to assist with the funding of the girl who looks like a guy’s sex change operation.(She wants to be a real boy, like Pinocchio!)

Read the full story below:

Police say that Spencer Cullen and Adriano Altiveros were caught on surveillance video last Thursday. One of the suspects distracted cashiers so the other could sneak into the office, according to police.

Officers arrested Cullen and Altiveros on Friday.

When detectives asked Cullen why she stole the money, she admitted that she wanted to fund a sex change operation.

Altiveros apparently wanted to buy a Toyota Supra, which he tried to locate in the Phoenix area.

Detectives served search warrants at the suspects homes and found clothes that had allegedly been bought with some of the stolen loot.

Police recovered some of the money, accounting for all but 31 cents of it, between recovering the items and leftover cash.

Both Cullen and Altiveros are in jail, charged with felony burglary and theft. If convicted, they could spend several years in state prison.


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