An Indianapolis woman stabbed her boyfriend after he refused to let her see his Facebook page. (Seriously???)

Look below for the full story:

Police said a woman stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife on the Eastside last night after he refused to let her view his Facebook page. The 22-year-old man was not seriously hurt but suffered a wound to his left bicep, Indianapolis metropolitan police said. His 21-year girlfriend, Shemika McVey, said she swung the knife in self-defense after the man hit her.

The altercation occurred in an apartment in the 900 block of North Hamilton Avenue at 11 p.m. Sunday, according to an IMPD report. McVey wanted to see Maurice Davenport’s Facebook page and the live-in couple struggled over the laptop. Davenport succeeded in shutting down the computer, then, he said, he went to lie on the couch.

Davenport claimed McVey grabbed a knife and accidentally slashed him with it during another argument, according to the report. McVey said her boyfriend came into the kitchen and the two argued again about his webpage, then he hit her on the head. She said she grabbed the knife off a counter and swung it at Davenport, slicing him on the shoulder.

No charges have been filed.


Some people lose their minds over Facebook! SMH….

Your thoughts?

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