Hillary Clinton Lost the Election Because Millions of Democrats Did Not Vote

Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the more you say it out loud, the easier it is to digest.

Early projections and polls stated that even though this would be an extremely close race, Clinton had this in the bag, but as we all discovered on Election Night 2016, that was far from the truth.

A lot of political pundits and talking heads are suggesting that Republicans came out in droves this year to support their candidate, but according to a new graph showing popular vote totals from the last three elections, it looks like millions of Democrats simply did not vote this year.

Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election because Republicans grew their base. She lost because the Democrats chose not to vote this year, compared to the previous two elections, in which Democrats came out in much larger numbers to support Obama.

On top of that, according to Thursday morning (Nov. 10) projections from the United States Elections Project, out of the 231,556,622 eligible voters, only 131,123,000 voters actually went out to the polls to cast their vote (leaving over 100 million votes on the table).

If you look at the graph above, the number of Republicans who voted for Donald Trump was less than the same number who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008.

In 2008, nearly 70 million Democrats voted for Obama compared to the 60 million Republicans. In 2012, the number dropped down to 66 million Dems compared to around 61 million Repubs. But in 2016? The number of Democrats voting dropped SIGNIFICANTLY, with just under 60 million, compared to the just under 60 million GOP members who voted.

So, this year, around the same amount of Democrats voted as Republicans, which explains why Donald Trump was able to win so many battleground states.

Blame it on Hillary Clinton’s sketchy background, or blame it on the lack of enthusiasm most Dems had for her campaign, but for whatever reason, millions of Democrats chose to either stay at home this year or vote for one of the third-party candidates.

Had Democrats actually got out and voted (or voted for Clinton instead of third-party candidates), Secretary Clinton would have likely won the Election and we would be preparing to swear her into office instead of Donald Trump.

And we wouldn’t have photos like this circulating in the media:


So, if you really wanted Hillary Clinton to win, and you’re looking for a group of people to blame, don’t blame the Republicans; don’t blame the insanely large number of white men (and women) who voted for Trump; don’t blame the media; don’t blame the FBI; don’t blame Florida. And don’t blame social media.

The only people who are to be blamed for Hillary Clinton losing this election are the millions upon millions of Democrats who refused to vote for her.

The good news for Democrats is that Donald Trump, who did NOT win the popular vote (Clinton had 59.5 million votes compared to Trump’s 59.3 million), is the weakest and least popular president-elect in history.

Unless Trump somehow experiences a surge in popularity as president (which is possible, but not likely), Democrats should be able to take the White House back in the 2020 election. He did not run a good campaign, and as an incumbent, he should be beatable.

If the same Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 (and refused to vote for Hillary in 2016) were to vote in 2020, the Democratic nominee would win by a landslide.

As of today, there are 1,454 days until Election Day 2020. Democrats have a LOT of work to do between now and then to unify the party so that this never happens again.

  • Johnny M

    Thanks for being among the very few who get it. As always, the facts trickle out long after “the narrative” has become “the truth”.

  • Chiked

    The author forgets that Trump ran more or less an independent campaign after the republican establishment abandoned him. In 2020, the democratic challenger will be running up against the full strength of the republican party. It won’t be a cake walk at all.

  • Ross Vassilev

    Democrats stayed home because Hillary is a neocon warmonger and Wall Street shill. If someone like Bernie Sanders wins the nomination in 2020, Dems will vote. But if it’s another Wall Street/Pentagon Democrat, Trump will be reelected.

    • Loghorn

      Not unless Trump fucks shit up & people out there realizes that they’ve been fed a lie & see him for the liar that he truly is, such as talking about bringing manufacturing jobs back in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & Michigan (where those states were very important for Hillary to win) which certainly won’t happen because of cheap labor, technology & automation.

    • allan paull

      he could be dead by then at 83

  • Hikergrrl

    The Democrats did not do their traditional ‘get out the vote’ campaign and voter registration drives around the primary because they knew those new voters would vote for Sanders. Its hard to get the votes you need in the general election when you had to rely on having FEWER voters to win the primary.

  • Allah’s Third Nipple

    Uh, in the majority of areas where voter turnout was low, Hillary WON! In most other areas, voter turnout was ‘normal’ to higher than normal. A bigger voter turnout would have just driven more nails into Hillary’s coffin. She lost because she was the 2nd worst candidate that the Dems could have nominated. She alienated every non-Democrat in the country and then belittled all white men en masse. Of course she fucking lost! Who writes this crap!?!

  • justice then peace

    The Democratic party f****d Sanders, and his supporters know it, that’s why large numbers at the democratic convention protested and refused to vote for Clinton. The Democratic party is responsible for this because they bet on a seriously disliked corrupt candidate in Clinton and manipulated her win against Sanders.

  • Barry

    Does anyone realize that in the last 7 presidential elections the republicans have only one the popular vote once….

    I totally agree with your assessment that if the voter turnout was near/close to 2008 and 2012, Hillary would have comfortably won.

  • hifijohn

    its easier for republicans, they are trained to obey and vote as a single block when they are ordered to vote, they vote, democrats are too diverse and are taught to be independent in their thinking this makes difficult to unify them for a single candidate.

  • CeeKay

    No . Not because they did not vote . – She lost because MILLIONS of DEMOCRATS voted for TRUMP. WE ARE UP TO OUR EYE BALLS TIRED OF THE CLINTONS . AND PHUUULEEEAZZZEE Gawwd! I sure as hell hope the old hag wont’ be back AGAIN in 4 years. (or that daughter of hers) ENOUGH CLINTONS. Go find yourself another house and paint it white!

  • Ray Cosmic

    Maybe this is what it takes to make people understand the phrase “Every Vote Counts!” If you stay home on Election Day, you lose the right to complain if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted!