Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Responds to Wade Robson, Reveals Own Molestation

Michael Jackson‘s nephew, Taj Jackson (Tito’s son), has taken to Twitter to tell Wade Robson, “You’s a lie.”

Responding directly to Wade Robson’s allegations that he was molested by Michael Jackson, the former 3T member says that he was around when Wade used to hang out at Neverland Ranch and denied anything foul was going on. In fact, Taj revealed that he himself had been molested as a child by someone on his mom’s side of the family, and it was Michael who came to his aid.

In a firestorm of tweets, Taj made this revelation for the sake of preserving his uncle’s legacy since he is no longer with us to defend it.

Taj then logged onto to Facebook to say:

“Sad that the majority of the mainstream media is not interested in researching or printing the truth about my family. They just want to keep feeding the lies and accusations.”

Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Jermaine Jackson as he was en route to the pep store or Radio Shack (no, not to work his shift – shady) and asked him what he thought about Tito’s son telling the world about his abuse. He said, “I never heard that sh*t.”

Check your timeline, Uncle Jermaine. You’re slipping.


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