Did Gucci Mane Really Say “Bitch I Might Be” to a Judge?

Did Gucci Mane Really Say “Bitch I Might Be” to a Judge?

Part-time rapper, full-time jailbird Gucci Mane recently landed himself back behind bars just one day after being released from jail after he reportedly violated his probation.

The Atlanta rapper was arrested March 26th after he allegedly assaulted a man with a bottle at an area nightclub earlier in the month. A judge initially denied him bail, but last week changed his mind and set bail at $75,000.

Gucci was released from prison as of Friday, April 12th, but the very next day he was re-arrested for a probation violation that law enforcement sources said wasn’t related to his recent assault arrest.

And that’s not even the best part of the story.

The above photo began circulating around the web that appeared to be a screengrab from a Fox News video report depicting the rapper in court saying to a judge “bitch I might be” when asked if he was guilty.

But it turns out that the image is fake. Apparently, someone with a pretty good sense of humor took a screengrab from a real Fox News report, and photoshopped it as a prank, referencing an old Gucci Mane track called “Pillz (Bitch I Might Be).” Not to mention, Fox News most likely wouldn’t display the word “Bitch” uncensored like that.

According to Pop Dust, the actual headline from the original March 27th Fox News report stated “Prosecutors brought up the rapper’s criminal history.”

So to answer your question, Internet, … no, Gucci Mane did not say “bitch I might be” to a judge. The man might be a little crazy, but he’s not stupid. Or at least he’s not that stupid.

[H/T: Pop Dust]


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