Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect: FBI Says NO ARRESTS Have Been Made Amid...

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect: FBI Says NO ARRESTS Have Been Made Amid Conflicting Reports

Earlier today, several major news outlets — including the Associated Press, CNN, Fox News and many others — reported that a suspect had been arrested in the Boston Marathon bombing incident killed 3 people and injured 176 others on Monday.

But now the FBI and Boston police are denouncing those reports, saying that even though they have “identified a suspect,” NO ARRESTS HAVE BEEN MADE as of yet, which has everyone scratching their heads going “huh?”

Here’s the FBI’s full statement:

Contrary to widespread reporting, no arrest has been made in connection with the Boston Marathon attack. Over the past day and a half, there have been a number of press reports based on information from unofficial sources that has been inaccurate. Since these stories often have unintended consequences, we ask the media, particularly at this early stage of the investigation, to exercise caution and attempt to verify information through appropriate official channels before reporting.

According to the New York Times, investigators believe they have video footage of a man who they believe may have planted the bombs, but he hasn’t been identified by name.

Meanwhile, CBS News is reporting that the “possible suspect” is a “WHITE MALE, wearing white baseball cap on backwards, gray hoodie and black jacket.”

The FBI is pleading with the public to submit all photos, videos and any other evidence they may have gathered before and after the attack occurred at around 2:50 pm Monday.


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