The New Pope Is Latino, But He’s Still White

Now that the white smoke has cleared, we’re all privy to the biggest news to shake the Catholic Church since the molestation scandals rocked the Vatican in the past decade: A new pope has been named.

His name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio and he’s the archbishop of Bueno Aires in Argentina, according to the New York Times.

Bergoglio, the 266th pontiff, will adopt the title of “Pope Francis.” He’s the first non-European pope and the first pope elected from Latin America. Of course, you can only consider him non-European by birth, because by heritage, he is of Italian descent.

And in that regard, it’s not much of a breakthrough at all. It’s more like the status quo with slightly different packaging.

Many had hoped that the Catholic Church would be bold and take Pope Benedict’s resignation as an opportunity to elect a black pope.

Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana and Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria were front-runners as far as black contenders go, but it looks like the world will have to wait a little while longer for its first black pope.

Then again, Pope Francis is 76 years old. I hate to predict death on anyone, but at that age, you can’t help but wonder how long Francis’ papacy will last anyway.

Oh well. Long live old, white men in power!

  • canada guy

    How many blacks are catholics anyway. Wishing death is never good. I think because of racsist country of italy,there wont be a black pope. Just check out soccer fans in italy. has spoken(ottawa,canada)

  • Justin

    His “heritage” is kind of Latino, although Argentina is more European than any South American country… the country is like 90% percent white (far whiter than the US). I don’t think they had to elect a black pope, but there are Asians and I guess more traditional Latinos that were deserving (the cardinal from Ghana seemed to be more in line with where the church wants to go, and he’s been in the thick of it for a while, being a close confidant to John Paul II). My problem is how groundbreaking the world seems to think this is: a white guy with Latin heritage (Latin as in cultural ancestors to Romans, as opposed to Asians or Africans) elected by a bunch of white guys to do white guy things. I feel bad for Catholics from Honduras who are black and Latino, and the whole world is saying he’s just like them, and then glorify him for the struggles their forefathers went through by calling him Latino with no disclaimer. Latino heritage has to do with struggles against colonialism and racial divides that still causes, not being a second generation Italian.
    It all reminds me of Paul Mooney on Dave Chappell.

  • yooooo

    Wait hold up here…. This is such racist and clueless latino can be any color fact he is from.argentina makes him first pope from latin america…. Struggle excuse me have not seen what is.happening im argentina their economy is destroyed, their brink of war against british they had miliarty regime in peron… Ur say he hasnt struggle what… Argentina is family like other latino nations, i have argentina friends and.their very.happy…. Stop ur racist article

  • ConcernedReader

    This is straight foolery! I’d expect this statement in a comment from a reader rather than the actual author of this post! GOT get it together or you guys gonna be become Readin’ Ratchetness? Come on now.

    “Then again, Pope Francis is 76 years old. I hate to predict death on anyone, but at that age, you can’t help but wonder how long Francis’ papacy will last anyway.

    Oh well. Long live old, white men in power!”


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