Drunk Woman Wearing No Pants Attempts to Evade Police in Toy Power...

Drunk Woman Wearing No Pants Attempts to Evade Police in Toy Power Wheels Truck

According to Arkansas police, a drunk, half-naked woman with no pants on tried to flee the scene of a DUI accident on a battery-operated Power Wheels truck after the woman crashed into a mobile home.

28-year-old Jamie Craft was drunk as a skunk when she crashed her Pontiac Grand Am into the side of a mobile home, KTLA reported.

Whose trailer was it? Was it hers? Was it a friend’s? Was it a neighbor’s or some random stranger’s? Police didn’t say, and overall, details are pretty sketchy, but at some point between the crash and the time the cops, witnesses say Craft got out of the car and tried to make her getaway using her son’s battery-powered Power Wheels truck, which reaches a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.

To make a short story even shorter, she failed … as she was not able to successfully elude the police, and they caught up to her and arrested her on the spot.

Police say Craft was pretty irate when they caught up to her, and she didn’t have any pants on. They say she was also very drunk, and had a blood alcohol level of .217 — at least three times the legal limit.

Craft faces a variety of charges, including driving with a suspended license and disorderly conduct. And then there’s that whole DUI thing.



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