Katt Williams Just Can’t Stop Getting Arrested

Katt Williams Just Can’t Stop Getting Arrested

Katt Williams was arrested … again … in Los Angeles Tuesday (Jan 8) after a Sacramento judge issued a bench warrant for the comedian’s arrest after he failed to show up in court to answer to charges stemming from when he led police on a police chase on a 3-wheeled motorbike in November.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD was aware Katt was a wanted man and when detectives spotted him outside his Los Angeles home, they placed him under arrest.

After he was released from police custody later that night, the 51-year-old comedian explained his situation to TMZ on his way out of jail.

Apparently, Katt is in so much legal trouble right now that he had two separate court appearances scheduled on the same day, so he had to choose which one he was going to make and which one he was going to miss. Katt said he chose the case that was most important to him, the one involving the custody of his children.

This marks Katt Williams’ sixth arrest in the past few months.

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  • maria

    now will people believe when I say they want him in jail because he exposed them.


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