So What Justin Bieber Was Pictured Smoking A Weed Blunt

Justin Bieber had a pretty rough week. He and Selena Gomez broke up again, and a paparazzo was killed trying to take pictures of him. So to ease his mind, instead of turning to a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of liquor … the 18-year-old singer fired up a blunt and smoked some pot.

So Justin Bieber does weed. Big friggin’ deal!

According to TMZ, the smoking session went down at a “big party” inside a Newport Beach hotel room. Also at the party was 19-year-old Young Money rapper (and Bieber’s BFF) Lil Twist, the same guy who was driving Justin’s Ferrari when the paparazzo was run over.

TMZ reported that Twist and his brother rolled up all the blunts and smoked everyone up. “And there was a LOT of pot smoke,” the website noted, providing a few pics to back their story up.

As for talking points — sources tell us Bieber was chatting it up about how tired he was because he’d been staying up late recently. Shockingly, we’re told the conversation eventually turned to late night fast food … and where they could get it.

Which means everyone most likely ended up at Taco Bell.

But the reason everyone is making such a big fuss over the Biebs smokin pot is because Justin’s team said that the photographer who was killed lied about seeing Justin smoking weed earlier that day.

Photographer Chris Guerra pictured on the left, Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari on the right

According to the agency where the man worked, he had revealed to them that he was following a HUGE story after spotting the singer smoking marijuana in his Ferrari.

However, well-connected sources told TMZ that the photog — identified as Chris Guerra — stalked and harassed the Biebs, and basically lied about the whole pot smoking thing.

The sources say multiple witnesses will say the only time Justin left the Four Seasons on New Year’s Day was to go to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood for lunch, and there was never a pipe in sight.


Sources connected to Justin and Selena say the photog was lying when he told the friend he saw a car belonging to Selena Gomez on the Four Seasons property.

Because Selena wasn’t even in Los Angeles. Apparently, on December 30th while they were in Mexico for New Year’s Eve, Selena and Justin had a huge “blow-out argument” and broke up.

Selena left Mexico that very same day, and Justin flew to L.A. on the 31st. The two of them hadn’t even seen each other at the time, and she was never at the Four Seasons, like the paparazzo reportedly told his friend.

After the photos of him smoking weed surfaced, Justin hit Twitter with this “sorry, but not really” unapology:

As for the photos, Us Weekly reports that his team is pretty pissed about them, and are trying to find out who took them and sent them to TMZ.

But is it really a big deal (or news, for that matter) that Justin Bieber does a little weed?

Pics: TMZ

  • g

    Every little kid is doing it nobody cares so what!

  • Jesus

    This isn’t as bad a problem as that corona in the first picture that’s what people should worried about, they fill children’s heads with lies about how bad marijuana is. If dude wants to smoke a blunt to relieve his mounds of stress and if people are dumb enough to cut their bodies thinking that it will get him to stop then i say let it be. Hopefully those idiots cut a major vein and die of blood loss or something.

  • z

    Don’t people have better things to do? When it becomes legal then what? It’s like “I just caught X drinking a beer!”

  • Blunthead Bieber

  • J Good

    I thought Justin Bieber was a Christian what is he doing here smoking weed.

  • j-wayne

    bieber is still a homo… he thinks all his whining and crying can get him out of everything…how about involuntary manslaughter? or endangerment? another example of smoking pole can get you out of alot of shit… screw his high pitch girl sounding ass

  • so what. He’S grown. He’s enjoying his time off. you all would say something if was caught brushing his teeth the wrong way. CAN HE LIVE.

  • baconater

    Who cares,he still a kid,he will grow out of it,then he will start doing meth,then we start to worry about him going into the dumps…….

  • allison

    Seriously who cares if he’s smoking, he’s an “artist” (okay well I personally don’t think he is but whatever) and that’s puts a lot of stress on a person, if he wants to hit the blunt and relax then he should go for it! It’s less dangerous than a lot of other things out there.

  • This is so ridiculous. I just heard that people are cutting over him! He shouldn’t have the health of crazed fans over his head. I don’t condone smoking weed, but seriously? I promise you, most of the teen superstars have smoked weed before. It’s pretty common. I don’t think it’s up to the public to tell him how to live his life. As long as he stays on top of his game I don’t see how it’s so terrible. I think cigarettes are worse than weed; they can cause cancer. Yet, Zayn Malik from One Direction was caught smoking, & no one made a huge deal! People need to CALM DOWN! & those crazy fans need to get help. Cutting yourself over jb? i know he’s cute, but dang!