“Bath Salts” Caused Miami Man to Strip Naked and Eat Another Man’s Face Off?

Police in Miami believe that the naked homeless man who was shot and killed while he ate the face of another homeless man may have been high on a dangerous drug known as “bath salts.”

Miami police identified the cannibalistic attacker as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene. His victim — identified as 65-year-old Ronald Poppo — remains in critical condition in a Miami-area hospital after at least 75-80% of his face was chewed off.

Hospital staffers say Poppo is suffering from “some of the most horrific injuries” they have ever encountered, and he is completely unrecognizable after Eugene ate part of his nose, cheeks, ears and eyes.

The harrowing attack, which has shocked the world, took place Saturday afternoon (May 26) on a freeway bridge near Miami Beach.

According to police, Rudy Eugene, who they believe had come from a Memorial Day weekend beach party, stripped a sleeping Ronald Poppo naked, beat him, then proceeded to chew lumps of flesh from his face and head.

Eugene continued to eat the man’s face even after a Miami police officer shot him in the chest.

An eyewitness said that Eugene growled like an animal when officers told him to stop before they shot him half a dozen more times, killing him instantly.

Stomach-churning images of Ronald Poppo’s horrific injuries and the crime scene have gone viral.

The photos of the crime scene show a partially-clothed Poppo laying next to his fully nude attacker, and blood is everywhere.

Another set of photos, allegedly taken at the hospital, shows the extent of Poppo’s injuries, and the massive destruction done to his face and head. His facial features are non-existent, and all you can see is a bloody eye and a blood-soaked goatee.

The uncensored images are pretty gruesome, and aren’t for the faint of heart. (CLICK HERE to check them out — but you’ve been warned!)

Doctors, police and news reporters all theorize that Rudy Eugene was high on “bath salts,” a dangerous drug that mimics the effects of highly potent (and illegal) substances like cocaine, LSD and meth-amphetamines.

As Dr. Howard Mell, an emergency room physician from Ohio, noted to CBS News: “These are not the bath salts you buy at Victoria’s Secret … There’s not soap in them.”

Mell says that at least seven people — all under the age of 27 — have died in the two Cleveland-area hospitals where he works at as a result of using “bath salts,” which can cause severe agitation, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and a number of other ailments.

The drug can also lead to the body overheating, which explains why Rudy Eugene stripped completely naked before his savage attack.

Users of the dangerous drug also experience hallucinations, lose touch with reality and can exhibit psychotic behavior, though calling Eugene’s behavior “psychotic” would be an understatement.

EMS workers who have responded to cases involving users who are high on “bath salts” say that they exhibit super-human strength and don’t respond to stun guns or tasers.

Several workers — and sometimes even burly police officers and/or security guards — are usually required to hold down a person who is high on “bath salts.”

“Addictive substances, whether they are bath salts, alcohol or other drugs, can have horrific and costly consequences. Sometimes these consequences can result from only one use; other times they are a result of the complex brain disease of addiction,” says Susan E. Foster, vice president and director of policy research and analysis at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

“Together, risky use of addictive substances and addiction constitute our nation’s largest and most costly health problem. In the interest of health and public safety, Americans must begin to understand that substance use is a preventable public health problem and addiction is a treatable disease,” she added.

According to Jeffrey Scott, a spokesman for the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, “bath salts” — the street name for the drug that is considered a replacement for cocaine or a synthetic form of the hallucinogen LSD — can be snorted, smoked, or broken down and injected.

[Sources: CNN, CBS]

Do you think “bath salts” can cause a man to strip completely naked … and EAT another man’s face off?

  • Jhonyxz9000

    america needs a new law, shoot at sight for the killers, no question asked.

  • Guest

    This is the reason they need to end the war on drugs. I do not promote drug use, but at least with substances of the 60’s and 70’s there is a great amount of knowledge of their reactions and safety. They are pushing these legal alternatives, created in a lab to bypass law with no real history, and people are having adverse reactions. 

  • I’m pretty sure well know the reason for this attack, and it is not because of “bath salts”. The truth is that the zombie apocalypse has begun and they are using drug use as a way to temporarily hide the facts. We’ll be seeing more of these attacks as the disease spreads. Are you ready?

    • Jennifer Hostutler23

      haha i think your nuts and your not living in reality your effn dreaming and need to wake up i think you need to take your meds and i think if you ever used bathsalts they need to watch you cause you bellieve in this to much i can see you eating someone too!!!

    • Jen my dear, you take things way too seriously. 

    • You wouldn’t know sarcasm if if it came up and slapped you in the face. You’re the first one the zombies are coming for. They can sense the inability to not understand sarcasm.

  • Mrhein1985

    Let me think about this….i know what bathsalts are. I know the main chemicals from research cuz I use to do it. In no way is any brand of it like lsd. Bathsalts had nothing to do with this guy. Not even meth would do this. Try bad lsd or acid, for dayzzzz. but well never know cus thell never release the info. Yea lets blam it on LEGAL synthetics like salvia and salts that lasts 20 minits . at most. But it is a report ud expect to hear from someone thats never toked on some bud , or experianced any other feeling then alcohol and pill poppin. Wait , I mean medication. Dumb ass reporters

  • Clockwerk__bringer__of__time__

    its not bath salts its the start of our zombie apocolypse! everyone prepare!

  • Info

    How do we know Rudy (the face chewer) wasn’t provoked?  Are we sure the homeless guy wasn’t stalking Rudy?  Are people just condemning Rudy because he’s black?  Is this just another Trayvon Martin thing?

    • Xloki43

      I think zero fucks are given about the race of the people involved.  It’s more shocking that instead of punching him like a normal person he ATE HIS FACE.  

    • Guest

      if anyone chews someones face cause when they were provoked than they have some messed up problems man

    • jennfromohio

      ya thats what i thought i think this guy was all effed up in the head bad and drugs like that probably dont help he probably believed in “zombie apocolypse” like everyone else and then took some drugs and decided to make the whole zombie thing a reality lol

    • Sharptonlovescock

      you are right, the homeless man was oppressing the black man, so the black man was forced to defend his race by chewing the homeless man’s face off. What else is a black man supposed to do if white people do not let him have skittles.

      Fucking moron.

    • jennfromohio

      are you fucking serious?

    • Jonneb21

      Yeah buddy, it’s aTrayvon Martin thing.  This dude was provoked by the homeless man so bad that he had no choice but to defend himself by eating the mans face.  Your an idiot

    • shut up

      Yes this is completely about race….all he did was defend himself by eating another guys face off. You are a freakin dumbass.

    • Yuij

      your an idiot… the guy was homeless sleeping under the bridge,  when this guy came along.. travon martin?  he was just a thug, that George Zimmerman stopped before he could do some real damage to someone..

    • Allzaboutme

      YOU sound like an idiot! Trayvon Martin was a kid who was been stalked by a grown ass man who wanted to be but could not be a cop! Two totally different incidents Ass

  • Casey

    Zombie apocalypse… Super-human strength, seriously? Is this even real life anymore?

    •  not so much super human as much more pain resistant, you would be surprised what you can do damage wise if you can manage to ignore the pain, this is how those circus strongmen do things like bending steel bars and curling steel frypans with their hands

  • JohnWoo

    wow this is crazy… this is like some REsident Evil type ish.. smh..

    Prison Rape at an All Time High; Police Warn Criminals that Now is Not the Best Time to Commit a Crime – http://wp.me/p2iXGn-12y  <<wow..

  • jon

    Our FDA makes this shit illegal to protect us from this methadrone shit. YOu have these retards saying that it’s the FDA conspiracy.

  • jon

    This sounds crazy but I wonder if he had been playing with some black magic or been around somebody that had been. Miami had tons of people that play with bad activity and don’t know they are playing with evil.

  • Jon

    Sounds like the tittle of one of Canibal corpses new cd/s I’m not making fun in any way. This is so sad. I wonder ef they had had some kind of sexual contact and the guy freaked out and wanted to destroy what he felt the guy had done to him

  • jyatt7

    Is it legal to shoot a zombie !!!!!

    • jennfromohio

      apparently i read somewhere they were trying to charge thecop that shot the eater for shooting him 6 TIMES saying he had no reason to shoot that many times but damn i think i woulda to if the guy kept eating away after being shot in the chest that first time

  • Tusexydaniela

    this is disgusting . and how is he a zombie o.o i mean okay , he ate a mans face . his a cannibal but not a zombie . zombie’s dont exist . 

  • guest

    Salted crackers always taste best.

  • Lost my love forever

    You people don’t know how dangerous this drug is. I know from first hand, I lost my man from this shit. He was was just trying to stay awake to run our business and got mixed up in the bathsalts. It change him in to something different. He was never normal again. I would not even want people I don’t like to mess with this drug. Think before you type any thing do research cuz you don’t know how it might make some one else feel of what your saying.

    • Earth2kenobi

       Yes my boyfriend was hospitalized for a seizure and forgot who he was and who everyone else was for days.

  • Daniel Wagner

    Well, teh “Zombie Survival Guide” says that when the apocalypse begins you will see heinous crimes committed and covered up by lame excuses. Now, I can see not wanting to believe in zombies because a) You are a huge hipster douchebag who can’t enjoy fun things because it’s better to act like a homo, or b) Because so many people who are into zombies are just huge douchey homos. But you can’t ignore the evidence… Flesh eating, gut-throwing, heart-munching “human beings, centered for now on the East Coast. And if it turns out it isn’t zombies, well, at least we had a laugh…

    • Sjmarroquin

      I’m scouting out places for my vegetable garden…

  • Scoobydooby

    Talk about a bad case of the munchies!

  • Wow…

    LSD does NOT have the same effect as Cocaine and methamphetamine. Whoever wrote this report needs to learn / research LSD before they misinform the public. 

    Funny the government classifies Marijuana in the same category as Meth. Whens the last time you heard anyone high on marijuana chewing someones face off?

    Our government needs to seriously reconsider their drug laws and spend more time enforcing seriously dangerous drugs like meth / bath salt garbage and leave things like Marijuana to people who want to use. 

    This is one of the most insane things I have ever read in my life. Who the f*ck is making laws in this country where Marijuana is demonized while guys can legally get high on bath salts and chew peoples faces off…

    Good God…

    • Victiry03

      I agree they enjoy or find it easy to categorize all drugs together but drugs don’t create any behavior its whatss already there that gets brought to the surface.stop blaming the Lsd its just not for everyone

    • Speed Guru

      When’s the last time you heard of anyone on Amphetamines eating someone’s face off? Moron. – I do Amphetamines, specifically Meth and bath salts, granted they’re Cathinone and Beta-Ketone based stimulants, not technically Amphetamine based, but cause the same affect. Admitting that’s not something I’m necessarily proud of, but from personal experience, no one I know on Meth or bath salts has ever ate anyone. However, sleep deprivation will cause auditory and physical hallucinations, and the intensity of the hallucinations varies by how long you’ve been awake/going without food; experienced, responsible users know to take power naps, or sleep for awhile when they need it, before any hallucinations take place, but inexperienced users don’t know how to handle it and believe it’s real…that’s where people run into trouble, but still…it hardly ever results in physical harm to anyone other than the user, and even that’s rare. – Anyway, enough with the random babbling, point is, this guy was not on anything Amphetamine/Stimulant related, he was on Angel Dust or one of the Research Chemicals that are made to simulate PCP…stop giving Salts a bad name. This guy had taken a Tryptamine from hell, not a Stimulant.

    • Speed Guru

       auditory and visual hallucinations*…didn’t proof read my comment before I posted, oops.

    •  Spoken like a true crackhead ;)

  • Jbhall

    WOW!  That is crazy, makes you not want to go out for walk or go anywhere anymore…

  •  Bath salts maybe.  Sounds more like the guy was possessed by a demon to me. 


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  • Iamsfoundation

    You are right this man clearly had a demon in him….. do any
    1 believe that there is a heaven and hell… that satin is out here to destroy people….
    The nation has to turned its back on GOD…. this is the only way the nation will
    be healed from all these abdominal crimes…… pray read your bibles because we haven’t
    seen nothing YET… ask God to forgive u of your sins n turn to him because he
    loves U… John 3:16

  • Iamsfoundation

    You are right this
    man clearly had a demon in him….. do any 1 believe that there is a heaven and
    hell… that the devil is out here to destroy people….The nation has turned its
    back on GOD…. this is the only way the nation will be healed from all these
    abdominal crimes…… pray read your bibles because we haven’t seen nothing YET…
    ask God to forgive u of your sins n turn to him because he loves U… John 3:16


  • Sorryboutthelastposts

    You are right this
    man clearly had a demon in him….. do any 1 believe that there is a heaven and
    hell… that the devil is out here to destroy people….The nation has turned its
    back on GOD we haven’t seen nothing YET… ask God to forgive u of your sins n
    turn to him because he loves U…. this is the only way the nation will be healed
    from all these abdominal crimes…… pray read your bibles … John 3:16

  • Amused1984

    gives a whole new meaning to bath junkie

  • Tonya Waddle

    How pathetic can people be? To make race an issue? How ridiculous and pathetic are you people?? Doesn’t matter what color either of the man were/are, the fact of the matter is the homeless mans face was chewed off by another man. Period. Clearly the man had issues whether it was drugs or mentally. I pray for both family’s and Ronald poppo.

  • recoveryconnect

     Although bath salts are sold disguised as a harmless substance used for relaxation, people are ingesting them seeking euphoria.

    In addition to experiencing altered moods, many bath salt users are having psychotic episodes
    marked with violent behavior.

    See the up to date infographic on how they work (graphic view)

    Bath Salts Infographic

  • Perhaps a peptide altering drug during pharmaceutical trials
    was to blame. Rest of my article at