Man Dies 1 Hour After Eating Cocaine from His Brother’s Butt [VIDEO]

A man from South Carolina reportedly died last month shortly after he ingested an entire ounce of cocaine that had previously been stashed in his brother’s butt.

23-year-old Deangelo Mitchell (left) and his brother Wayne (20, on the right), both from Charleston, SC, were arrested after a routine traffic stop on November 30th when a cop found three small bags of cocaine hidden underneath the backseat of their 2001 Chrysler.

Video footage recorded from the squad car shows the men as they are being transported to jail.

In the video, Deangelo persuades his brother to do a simple favor for him: swallow the cocaine hiding in his butt (of all places) so that the cops wouldn’t find it on him.

Apparently … Deangelo had a lengthy rap sheet, and was worried that he would face life in prison if the cops found the extra ounce of coke on him … on top of the coke they had already found in the car.

A clearly nervous Deangelo tells his brother Wayne in the video “I can’t get no more strikes … no more” … before instructing his little brother to eat the cocaine from his behind.

“One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don’t have any strikes. …You my little brother… I’m gonna get life,” he said, according to an ABC news affiliate from Charleston.

Wayne eventually gives in to his older brother’s constant pleas and eats the cocaine, which Deangelo had pulled from the back of his pants, most likely right out of his butt crack.

As Wayne eats the cocaine, Deangelo appears to regret asking his little brother to get rid of his drugs in that way. It seems as though Deangelo feels bad for his little brother, and knows what’s about to happen next.

After he finishes eating the coke, Wayne asks Deangelo to check his mouth. His last words were, “I love you bro” and the video fades out.

Shortly after ingesting the ounce of coke, police say Wayne went into convulsions and started to bleed from his mouth. After being questioned, Deangelo told cops “he believed his brother swallowed an ounce of cocaine.”

Within the hour, Deangelo’s younger brother Wayne was dead. Toxicology tests determined the cause of death was an overdose of cocaine.

Now, in addition to the drug charges, Deangelo Mitchell is facing involuntary manslaughter charges, as well living the rest of his life with the guilt of inadvertently killing his little brother with cocaine from his buttocks, which is worse than any man-made punishment.

Watch the disturbing raw video footage from the incident below:

[TSG, ABC, Video report: Miami Herald]

  • gangstamonkeyanimalblack

    good riddance

  • human

    @gangstamonkeyanimalblack – what are you so angry about?

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    @gangstamonkeyanimalblack wow , could you believe we’re entering 2012 and we still have racist motherfuckers like you in the world?

    • butterfly

      You know, if we allow the media to trick us, we will believe that black people don’t do anything but sell drugs and kill their own people. That’s because when ever a crime like that takes place it becomes sensationalized. But the facts are as follows: the percentage of whites on welfare is higher then any other race. Methamphetamine’s are mainly produced, sold by, and sold to whites. More addictive then even heroin, meth addicts, mostly white, have a higher percentage of crime up to and including murder in an effort to obtain their drug. The problem lies in the fact that mostly every time you hear about a crime committed by whites, the media never says…”a white man is accused of…” but when a black person commits the same type of crime, the first thing you hear out of people’s mouth’s is…”a black male/female…” The point I am trying to make is this…WRONG IS WRONG NO MATTER THE RACE, AGE OR GENDER. WE ALL NEED TO WAKE THE FUCK UP, QUIT POINTING FINGERS AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR SELVES AND OUR COMMUNITIES. TALKING ABOUT WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS GETTING PRETTY GODDAMN OLD. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND JUST DO IT!!! I AM SICK TO FUCKING DEATH OF HEARING AND SEEING PEOPLE PREACH ABOUT SHIT AND THEN NOT DOING ANY THING BEYOND THAT. I AM SICK TO DEATH OF WHITES ACTING FRIGGIN SUPERIOR LIKE THEIR SHIT DON’T STINK. AND BEFORE ANY ONE CALLS ME A RACIST…I AM BLACK, WHITE, ITALIAN, PUERTA RICAN AND IRISH. I AM BLESSED TO HAVE A PLETHORA OF RACES IN MY FAMILY. AND BECAUSE OF THAT, I STAND FOR ALL. I RECOGNIZE WRONG DOING AS JUST THAT…WRONG!!! NOT BECAUSE OF RACE BUT BECAUSE FUCKING WRONG IS WRONG!!! NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS GOING TO CHANGE UNTIL RACE CEASES TO BE AN ISSUE!!! BLACK PEOPLE WANT TO BE TREATED EQUAL BUT EVERY CHANCE WE GET, WE POINT OUT OUR OWN RACE!!! BY THIS I MEAN, WHEN SOMEONE OPENS A STORE, IT HAS THE WORD BLACK IN THE TITLE. WHY DOES BET HAVE TO STAND FOR BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION??? WHY DOES RACE HAVE TO BE POINTED OUT??? AND WHITE PEOPLE…WHY ARE BLACKS O.K. WHEN SOMETHING IS DONE THAT BENEFITS YOU AS WELL. BUT OTHER THEN THAT…WE DON’T EXIST. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP CONTINUALLY POINTING SHIT OUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER AND FOCUS ON THE THINGS THAT DO. SUCH AS JUST BEING FRICKIN HUMAN….NOT BLACK, NOT WHITE, NOT HISPANIC…JUST BE FUCKING HUMAN!!!

    • fuzzypook

      That’s a lie. Whites are NOT on welfare at greater percentages than blacks. Blacks are on welfare at MUCH higher rates than any other race. That’s the truth. Deal with it.

    •  You’re very right, Butterfly. Fuzzypook, YOU deal with it!

    • nonofyourbusiness

       very true . most whites are on welfare. its on your govnt website as proof. If they read they will know it by now.

  • *angie*

    What a jerk~off! This just adds to the list that proves blood is not thicker than water! And 4 anyone who disagrees lick my @ss oh and have a great day!

  • Spider

    The bottom line is they shud have not been selling drugs and they would not be put in that position, what’s even worse is if they had not been stopped someone would be buying that from them and would have died, so the poor addict was saved for one day or even one hour at least. So two less pieces of drug dealers r taken off the streets thank god!!!!

  • So roten gossip

  • Alexis

    Wow @Spider it’s easy to say that when u don’t actually live in the hood and have bullshit options. Drugs are bad blah blah blah, the drugs are inevitable they will be on the streets forever so why not get it how u live…?? Shit I do, the bad decision wasn’t actually going out selling it was not knowing how to hide it in the car properly (there is a way) and making his brother consume the cocaine.

  • Julie

    The title should be “Man Dies After he Ate Butt-Crack”. This man more freaky than we think lmao.

  • Delia

    @Angie I agree! && u can tell he doesn’t care as much as he should’ve! & it just makes us blacks look even worse. That is so fucked up & he needs to be convicted for MURDER!

  • I know his mom is beyond grief….senseless PLUS you out on bound and your brother is dead…lawd

  • Derccls

    Many of us are so freakin sick and tired of Black men. Look at the selfish, damaging, disgusting behavior you display. Many of us grew up in the same poverty, its doesn’t mean you have to turn into an animal just because your life has been hard. You sell drugs to your own people, outright murder, considering the lives you have destroyed, you shoot women, now you are shooting innocent children and babies. You have become the lowest form of life on earth with no conscience about those you murder in cold blood. Now you murder your own brothers, How disgusting, how denegrading, how inhumane, how much lower can you sink young Black men, you are the Godless walking the earth. You have no value for life and the living, you have become the walking dead. You have no soul, your soul has gone to the Devil. Whatever caused you to be this way, our only prayer for you Black man is to get on your knees and pray for forgiveness for all the horrific, evil, wicked things you have done to your black women, your black children, those in your black communities and even yourselves. You have become the worst evil, sad, by your own choosing. You had the same chances as the next guy to get some sort of education and training, something that is still free to all who desire, yet you choose to live a life robbing, stealing, murdering, believing their is no God and you will never face consequences. Believe me as sure as some of us are sitting here, if you think that life of existence in the Ghetto has been hell, you have no idea whats in store for you. You have not idea what real hell is like or the suffering you will endure for eternity if you don’t try and turn your life around, change the way you live and foremost bow down on your knees and ask forgiveness for every Evil thing that you’ve done in your lives! Peace Young Brothas. Our prayers go out to you because you are going to need it! May Yah/God have mercy on your wicked souls! 

    • Tay4rmd

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  • This is the mentality and type of folks that will vote for Obama.  This includes the butt video.  This is not even humorous.   Bill Maher needs to do something with this.  He might make another million or two from this butt video.  

  • butterfly

    Wow…talk about eat shit and die!!! Literally!!! So, where his brother would have gotten maybe a few years in prison, he now faces possible life in prison. There needs to be a new word for stupid because this dumb ass trick just defies the law of stupidity!!!

  • MikaylaAmanda

    This is just too gross to fathom. Eating something out of another persons’ rear. YUCK! They should charge the brother with murder.

  • ATTN BLACK PEOPLE: You are now being judged by the content of your character.

  • pathetic

    this is one of the most disturbing things i have seen in a while, there goes my hope for humanity, that guys a piece of shit and i hope he lives out the rest of his pathetic life in prison getting treated like the bitch he is

    • pathetic

      and the fact that everyone on this board is turning this into a race debate makes the whole sad ordeal even more disturbing

  • imalwaysright

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    • Woolie Moolie

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  • Michael Ian Wright

    Must be that crack cocaine I hear about.