Remorseful Thief Returns Woman’s Belongings and Apologizes

Remorseful Thief Returns Woman’s Belongings and Apologizes

Ever heard of (or had) buyer’s remorse? ….. Well it sounds like this guy had “thief’s remorse.”

An apparently remorseful thief who robbed a 61-year-old woman of her wallet at a grocery store in New Hampshire, showed up at her doorstep about a week later with an apology letter in hand, and returned $90 and a GPS device.

The thief snatched the wallet from the woman’s shopping cart on July 18th, and it was later found at a post office in Massachusetts.

Then, about a week later, on July 26th, a man knocked on the victim’s door, apologized in person, and gave her a long apology letter before returning her belongings and fleeing. Police think he found her address from something in her wallet.

Officials say the thief will still face charges if and when they catch him, and the woman, is obviously (and rightfully) a bit disturbed that the thief knows where she lives.

[Washington Post]


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