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Mariah Carey’s Ex-Choreographer Anthony Burrell Explains Diva’s Recent Performance Fails: “She Gives Zero F**ks”

In an interview with Complex, Mariah’s former lead choreographer and creative director Anthony Burrell says his former boss' star quality is fading because she simply no longer wants to be onstage.

This Woman’s Hilarious DUI Mugshot May Brighten Up Your Day

Linda MacDonald is the definition of "Thug Life." MacDonald was recently arrested in Vermont for on suspicion of DUI after she crashed her 2011 Toyota Camry...

Chief Keef Arrested for DUI Less Than Two Weeks After Leaving Rehab

Rehab was a complete waste of time for Chief Keef, because according to a report from TMZ, he learned absolutely NOTHING! Less than two weeks after...

Justin Bieber Channels Lil Wayne in Deposition Videos, Gives Zero F*cks!

Justin Bieber must have taken some protips from his longtime rap buddy Lil Wayne before heading into his first court deposition last week, because...

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