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Brandy’s Record Label Says Her “Best Days are Behind Her” in Response to Lawsuit & Slavery Claims

Brandy’s music label is coming out strong against the singer’s lawsuit where she compares her contract to slavery. A rep for Chameleon Entertainment CEO...

Roland Martin Schools Wendy Williams About Race in America, Leaves Host Speechless

He came. He Saw. And he schooled Wendy Williams like no one else. Roland Martin appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Thursday (Jul. 14) after...

Nick Cannon to Kanye West: “Real Geniuses Don’t Have to Tell Everyone…”

If you're tired of hearing about Kanye West ranting and raving about how much of a "GENIUS" he is, and how he is the...

How Dreadful: Ciara Served With Lawsuit Live On Stage During Concert

As Ciara struggles to regain a smidgen of the success she had waaaay back in 2005, there is one group we know she can't...

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