As Ciara struggles to regain a smidgen of the success she had waaaay back in 2005, there is one group we know she can’t afford to piss off: the gays. Bless this girl’s heart, though, as she did just that.

CiCi was set to appear at a West Hollywood club called The Factory the other night, but ended up bailing on the gig at the last minute — leaving the planners with no time to find another R&B artist in need of some change and a morale boost from a room full of overeager gay boys.

Ciara’s rationale for the cancellation was apparently that she was booked to perform on the main stage at L.A. Pride so it was a conflict of interest. However, club promoters argued that since it was listed as an appearance versus a performance she was all good. She didn’t agree and was subsequently sued.

And in true over the top fashion, the gays suing her showed up at her L.A. Pride performance and served her while on she was on  stage. Y’all. That is the definition of trying it. Ciara took the papers and then tossed them to the side.

She doesn’t give a damn about them and their feelings. In fact, her people maintain that  they informed the club she could not be there and it’s their own fault for promoting her appearance anyway.

Regardless of who’s telling the truth, this is still funny as hell (and I’m laughing at all parties involved):


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