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Kanye West Goes On Another Concert Rant, Tells Sway and Charlamagne to “SHUT THE F**K UP!!!”

Kanye West still feels some type of way about being put in his place by not just one, but TWO, radio personalities live on...

Kanye West Sing-Rants About Michael Jordan: “We Should’ve Never Let MJ Play for the Wizards”

Kanye West will literally sing and/or rant about anything. And when we say "anything," we really mean ANYTHING. At his concert in Chicago Wednesday night,...

Kanye “Motherf**king” West is Mad at the Grammys for Only Giving Him Two Nominations

Enough is NEVER enough for Kanye " West, apparently. During his concert last night in Phoenix, the controversial rapper expressed his frustration over only getting...

Kanye West Kicks Fan Out of “Yeezus” Tour Concert for Asking Him to Take His Mask Off

Kanye West is still making headlines for his ridiculous antics. During his concert Sunday night in San Antonio, Texas ... "Yeezus" kicked a heckler out...

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