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Watch Chris Brown Get Dunked On So Hard by NBA Player Andre Drummond

Here's a video of the beastly 6-foot-10, 270-pound giant known as Andre Drummond -- an up-and-coming NBA player for the Detroit Pistons -- dunking...

How Dreadful: Ciara Served With Lawsuit Live On Stage During Concert

As Ciara struggles to regain a smidgen of the success she had waaaay back in 2005, there is one group we know she can't...

Rihanna Refuses to Take the Blame for JR Smith’s Lackluster Performance

Jessica Simpson used to get blamed every time her boyfriend Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo produced a fumble. LaLa has taken grief for distracting...

Tyrese’s Soon-to-be Ex-Wife Norma Gibson Gets $0.00 in Divorce Settlement!

According to divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Tyrese Gibson earned about $77,946 per month in 2008, which equates to about $935,952 for the entire...

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