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Katy Perry’s Horrible Hosting Causes Lowest Watched VMAs in History, ABC Reportedly Regretting Hiring Her as “American Idol” Judge

Only 5.68 million people tuned in to celebrate music’s hottest young stars this year, making it the lowest-rated VMAs since Nielsen began tracking the show’s ratings in 1994.

Is “The Real” on the Brink of Cancellation Following Tamar Braxton’s Abrupt Firing?

The talk show’s ratings have plummeted since Braxton was kicked off the show.

Over 10 Million People Watched the “Breaking Bad” Series Finale

Did you know that while you and your friends/family were watching the "Breaking Bad" series finale Sunday night (Sep 29), at least 10 million...

Report: Did “American Idol” Plot to Fire Mariah Carey and Hire Jennifer Lopez?

If the rumors are true, it would appear that "American Idol" is fed up with their resident head diva Mariah Carey and allegedly planned...

Justin Timberlake Gets “Saturday Night Live” Its Highest Ratings in 14 Months

Justin Timberlake continues to dominate! Marking his fifth time hosting "Saturday Night Live," Timberlake proved to be a considerable ratings boost for the show...

Charlie Sheen Breaks Cable TV Records With Huge “Anger Management” Debut

Back when Charlie Sheen was yelling "Winning!" he really wasn't winning ... but now he is. Sheen's new FX comedy "Anger Management" finally made its...

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