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Tom Hiddleston Dumped Taylor Swift Because He Was “Bored” With Her After Just 3 Months of Dating?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s shocking breakup was the split no one saw coming and we still don’t exactly know what happened. However, it’s quite possible Hiddleston was simply “tired” and “bored” of the singer.

Calvin Harris Throws Shade at Ex Taylor Swift on Twitter Over Song Collaboration

There's a new chapter in the ongoing breakup drama between DJ/music producer Calvin Harris and his ex, singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. Harris threw a bit of...

“Avengers” Star Tom Hiddleston Teaches Cookie Monster About Self-Control

Call us crazy, but there's something irresistibly ironic about Tom Hiddleston explaining the benefits of "delayed gratification." Despite playing the villainous Loki and sporting some...

Watch: “Thor: The Dark World” Movie Trailer

The new trailer for "Thor: The Dark World" is here and its packed with some serious action. Directed by Alan Taylor, Thor: The Dark World...

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