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“The Walking Dead” Actor Scott Wilson Dies at 76

Scott Wilson, a veteran actor most recently known for his role as Hershel Greene on "The Walking Dead," has died. He was 76 years old. How did he die? What was his cause of death?

Is Carl Leaving “The Walking Dead” So Chandler Riggs Can Go to College?

Fans of the show are asking this question after Chandler's dad's Facebook post announcing the end of his contract and Riggs' own tweet about being accepted into Auburn University.

“The Walking Dead” Power Rankings of Badass Characters Up to Season 7

Each character has earned their spot on this list in their own unique way, and while each may have their own reason for being here, they are all, without a doubt, a badass.

The Walking Dead Fans Threaten to Stop Watching After Brutal Season 7 Premiere

The episode was so violent and tough to watch, many viewers are saying they’ve finally had enough.

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