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The Epic Gabby Douglas Moments We All Missed Out on at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

The “Final Five” continued their media blitz at the MTV VMA Awards. The Olympic gold medal gymnasts walked the event’s “white carpet” and presented...

Bill O’Reilly Says All-Black USA Basketball Team’s Gold Medal Is Due to the Opportunities America “Afforded” Them

The 2016 Rio Olympics have concluded and the United States not only took home the most medals overall (121), but also the most gold...

Matthew McConaughey Is Team USA’s Biggest Cheerleader at the Rio Olympics

A glance around an Olympic venue’s bleachers will likely reveal a number of well-known fans. Just take last night’s swimming finals which were full...

Coach K Says USA Olympic Basketball Team Is Having “Too Much Fun”

The US Men's Olympic basketball team has been warming up for the 2016 games with some exhibition matches, knocking off the Chinese team on...

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