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Sex, Dead Children, Inappropriate Lyrics and Other FCC Super Bowl Complaints

Every year after the Super Bowl airs, dozens (sometimes hundreds) of complaints from viewers who can't handle the "madness" of the Halftime show or...

No, Kanye West Does Not Want To Smile In Your Super Bowl Selfies

Dear fans, Kanye West is not amused by your super bowl selfies. Now we see where North gets it from! A group of fans spotted...

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Choreographer: “Left Shark Nailed It!”

Contrary to popular belief, the Katy Perry dancer known simply as "Left Shark" performed the dance routine during the singer's Super Bowl Halftime Show performance...

Twitter Reacts to Katy Perry’s Elaborate Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

Katy Perry -- the world's most followed Twitter user -- performed Sunday night (Feb 1) during the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, which featured...

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