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Mugshot Madness: Marc Gomez, Man in Viral Video Kicking & Punching Elderly Woman on Subway Train, Arrested

Marc Gomez, identified as the man seen in a viral video repeatedly punching and kicking an elderly woman on a subway train in the Bronx borough of New York City, has been arrested and charged with felony assault.

Oh Hell Nah: Viral Video Shows Rat Trapped Inside MetroCard Machine’s Change Dispenser

Video footage showing a fairly large rat trapped in the change and receipt dispenser of an MTA MetroCard vending machine has gone viral on social media.

St. Petersburg, Russia Subway Bombing: Some Things You Need To Know

The Russian city of St. Petersburg was rocked by an explosion on one of their metro trains. Here are some things you need to know about the Russian bombing.

Epic F Train Brawl After Man Smacks Woman for Clowning His Jacket Lands 4 People in Jail

Four people were arrested and jailed in New York City following an all-out brawl that broke out on an F train subway in Greenwich...

Watch: Old Guy Gets Pissed Off on the Subway After Man Steps on His Foot

Having to ride the subway is a terrible experience for everyone, but the next time you're using one of those underground buses to transport...

Jay-Z Chats with an Old Lady on the Subway (VIDEO)

Taking a page out of his protege Rihanna's notebook, Jay-Z decided to mingle with the people and ride the subway to his last show...

Katie Holmes Rides the Subway (PHOTO)

Actress Katie Holmes was spotted wearing her best incognito look (see: huge, dark shades; ugly sweater; head down) when someone snapped this picture of...

Jay-Z Takes the Subway to Final Barclays Center Concert

Jay-Z traded in the keys to his Maybach for a Metrocard ... and rode the subway to Brooklyn Saturday night (Oct 6) ahead of...

Michael Jackson Arrested for Pickpocketing in Moscow

Not such a Smooth criminal, eh? Michael Jackson was recently arrested for pickpocketing at a Moscow subway station. A 50 year-old Canadian man (who goes by...

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