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Scientists Discover First New HIV Strain in Almost 20 Years

A team of scientists have discovered a brand new strain of HIV for the first time in 19 years.

Show BoB the Curve: Rapper Launches $1 Million GoFundMe Campaign to Prove the Earth is Flat

According to the page’s description and the accompanying video, B.o.B wants to send multiple satellites into space and use weather balloons, drones, blimps, etc to find the curve or the edge of Earth.

Scientists Use 3D Printers to Successfully Grow Living Animal

A team of scientists have successfully created the first biohybrid being using 3D printing and genetic engineering. The creature, which is designed to look...

This Is Not A Joke: 200,000 People Have Applied to Live on Mars

Have you ever dreamed of living on another planet? Thanks to a company called The Mars One foundation, that may be possible. According to CNN,...

Meteorite Explodes Over Russia Injuring Nearly 1,200 People

A meteorite plunging towards Russia exploded over the country's Ural Mountains early Friday morning (Feb 15) U.S. time, causing several giant explosions and forcing...

White People Stuff: Felix Baumgartner’s Death Defying RedBull Sky Dive from the Edge of the World

While most of us were enjoying a quiet Sunday with family and friends, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner was busy making history. The skydiver teamed up...

Hands-Free Sperm Donation Machine Makes Its Debut In China

Look ma, no hands! Sperm donation just got that much easier now that researchers at Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China have created a machine...

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